How to Blog – Beginner’s Guide To Successful Blogging(p2)

In our last article on this series; I lay more emphasis on the state of mind you need to be, before getting into blogging. That is just extremely important to your over all successful blogging career.

It is a common believe that with almost nothing in your pocket, you can set-up an internet business that will earn you good income. Based on personal experiences and things I have tested and prove to be the reality and not just fictions – you need both money and time to real make a success out of your internet business.

Get that right, and don’t be among folks that thought the internet is a place where you can plug-in garbage and plug out gold.


how to blog for beginners

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Garbage in, garbage out, that’s what the internet is all about. Don’t get deceived, for at least you need money for hosting and purchasing of domain name. And like I said above, you will also need to purchase premium SEO tools that may not be gotten for free to accelerate the progress of your site visibility in organic search traffic and your “time” too, is one thing that you must sacrifice to get the best of your online business.

Failure to accept these facts will ultimately lead to a premature death of your online business.

I know…….. not because I know, but that I once think like you. Believing the internet is a free land and every thing on it is absolutely free. If what you want is to set-up a real business that will sustain you and your needs – food, shelter and clothing – then I suggest you don’t go into online business with that kind of mind-set.

My how to blog – Beginner’s Guide To Successful Blogging is not all about the practical aspect of blogging or your traditional E-book that teaches you how to cut and nail a WordPress blog.

NO, this is not about that; far too beyond that .

In this post, you will learned all what it takes to become a professional blogger and what it’s takes to depend on blogging as a means of living.

Well, with that said, I hope and believe that I have passed enough message into your heart so you can have a clear picture of what the world-wide-web is all about and the right attitude to own in this jungle.

So lets move on……

How To Blog……….The Starting Point.

The first step to a successful blogging career is to identify your niche topic.

What you’re going to blog about, it doesn’t have to be something technical or something too complex. The best and most easiest way for a beginner to do this is by looking inward and discover what she enjoy doing most even if she is not getting paid, she will still found the joy in doing it.

Something you’re naturally good at, something you found great pleasure doing, let me makes this more clear. John is a very talented football player and  a devoted die-hard supporter of Arsenal football club.

John knows the ins and out of Arsenal history and the present……… in fact he can tell you who and who is going to be field in tomorrow’s match.

The best sure bet for an internet based business for John is to start a blog topic around Arsenal football club and promote it to his fellow football lovers around the globe since Arsenal football Club is a global brand.

The trick about this is; John will found it a lot easier to write about his subject, his blog topic, than trying to venture into an unknown topic based on the fact that is something in vogue or more lucrative in his own thought than his footballing topic.

At this point, let me clear this -No blog topic that is not as lucrative as others. It depend on how you brand yourself and your business and most especially, your approach to it.

Lets don’t skip steps, back to our first point.

So your first task will be to look within yourself and think deeply, what do you think that you can really do freely, don’t bother about not been able to write about it for now, you’ve not get to that stage.

Life is all about stages and development, so don’t rush things.

Choosing a blog topic that you’re passionate about, is the first critical step and the foundation upon which you will build your blogging career. Don’t get tempted by the success stories some well established bloggers in different niche post on their blog, that is him, not you.

He get better and better in that niche because he stay focus on what he enjoy doing.

This is your first and most critical step, lets give it a break so you take your time to access yourself and discover who you are and what you can offer the world.

How to Blog - Beginner's Guide To Successful Blogging(p2) by
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