How I Discover The Best WordPress Plugins

Actually, it was by accident not intended or really searching for. After I had my whole blog accidentally deleted by my humble self , I had to start all over from scratch, from installing WordPress installation software in cpanel.

It was a really sad moment for me that turned out to be an eye opener or gate way to new things entirely, new ways of getting things rightly done and more importantly to me, becoming more of a professional blogger.

Initially, before that moment of madness, I had almost 63 plugins installed, while many of them are not even really functioning well or at least do what I ever wanted. So, after the turn around I was faced with the challenges of securing my blog properly at least to prevent any similar recurrent.

WordPress is pre-installed with the following plugins, which makes our searches for the right plugins or the necessary ones more narrow and precise but still tones or thousands of them out side there which makes it a lot difficult to discover the right plugins for your needs.

WordPress Pre-Installed Plugins.

1. Akismet

Used by millions of WordPress users across the globe.

Akismet is the WordPress spam detention plugin that protect your site from comment spam and track back spam. All you need for this plugin to start working is a connection with your account.

If you don’t have one, open an account with and you’re good to go.

2. Jetpack By

Jetpack is also a default plugin that comes along with your self hosted installation of WordPress software. Like Akismet, you also need a account to activate this plugin.

It brings the whole features that is exclusive readily available for only users into the self hosted users.

3. Hello Dolly

To be honest with you, I really just don’t know the usefulness of this plugin, but well, is right there for you, pre-installed.

Below are my discoveries, the plugins I have found to be very useful and important for any WordPress blog

My Best WordPress Plugins of 2013

1. Log-in Lock down.

This is a security plugin that protect your WordPress blog from hackers, you set the limits and just let this plugin do the job. It automatically blocked any invalid attempt to login into your dashboard based on your settings.

Get this plugin to give your WordPress blog security.

2. W3 Total Cache

This plugin is extremely useful if you want your WordPress blog to load fast while user access your page. It increase the speed and user experience of your site, and database caching.

3. Flickr- Pick A Picture.

Personally, I just fell in love with this plugin, is extremely useful for me as it automatically takes away the pains I go through searching for the right picture for my blog post.

With Flickr-pick a picture, all the pictures you need are just right under your finger’s tip. Input your keyword based on the blog post and let this plugin find the perfect pics for you.

This plugin will look out for creative common pictures in the Flickr data base and automatically insert the attribution licenses attached to that picture so you don’t get sued for copy right infringement.

There are more of this plugins out there that ease the pain of getting the right picture for use.

4.Broken Link Checker.

Just what the name of the plugin is, it look out for broken links, missing images and notify you of it. Useful for those affiliate links and external links also.

5.Wordfence Security.

This plugin is an anti-virus and fire wall security plugin for your WordPress blog. It scan your WordPress blog as scheduled and notify you of any infections.

6. Add square widget.

I just love it when I can have many ads placed in one widget size fit all.

This plugin allows you to have same size ads or banners or image ads in one widget and the beauty of it all is that you can even have multiple ads in one box while you rotate the display by in-put a short code.

Mostly bloggers used it for 125 x 125 ads square but you can adjust the size to what ever you want, just make sure they are of the same size.

7. 404 Redirection.

When I lost all data on this blog, I was faced with one big problem, and that was this error message “404 not found”.

When my lost articles pup up from the search engine , users click on it and the next thing is “oops page not found”, I just hate it. With this plugin, I have all my 404 redirected to my home page and that give me a chance of not loosing that user.

He might find something else interesting or at least discover my page.

8.WordPress SEO by Yoast.

This is not just another SEO plugin but a plugin every WordPress blog or website must have. It makes it easier for both new webmaster and the advance ones to focus on their content writing while this plugin take care of the SEO.

Is a must have for every WordPress webmasters.

9. Google XML Sitemap.

Not many blogger know how to submit a site map to Google.

With this simple plugin you’re less concern with what a site map is, just let the plugin do the job for you. It automatically tells Google of your blog site map when ever any changes is made based on your limits and setting.

10. WordPress Backup to Dropbox.

This is a must for every WordPress blog, you need to back up your blog regularly, so you don’t loss your valuable data like I did.

Install WordPress backup Dropbox and register for an account if you just don’t have one and the good part is Dropbox will sent you a link you can have your file straight on your mobile phone.

Dropbox will be installed on your computer so you can have your file drag into the box right from your desktop.

Well, that what I have found to be one of the most important WordPress plugins every WordPress users must have. Actually, there are tones of them out there with different functions and usefulness, but I tell you, not every one of them worth a try.

Is good and saves time when you have a hand out to pick from.

Do your search on the best WordPress plugins and you will have couple of choices to make.

If you find this article good for you, please do me a favor by letting others know about it, share it .

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