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Today, we’re going to look at how blog make money for the bloggers behind them, or better still the ways in which bloggers make money from their blogs.

I assume you already have a blog running with lots of quality content on it for your visitors to be engaged on your blog. If that is the case with you, but don’t make enough money from the massive traffic you manage to drive to your blog.

Then, you and I might need to pay close attention to our lesson of today. I want to discuss with you one of the very surest and easy way bloggers have been and will always be using to monetize their blog for lazy or passive income.

Did I call it passive?

No am kidding, you still need to work at it very hard to make the best out of it. The more you put your whole into it, the better its get. So without much more delay or formalities, Google Adsense is no doubt the smartest way bloggers use in making more money from their blog.

But, it takes lots of hard work, persistence and massive targeted traffic to make reasonable amount of income from Adsense program. In fact if you don’t know how to drive quality targeted traffic to your blog, your Adsense ads are as good as not on your blog.

Adsense is a very good way to monetize the traffic coming to your blog, though is important to know that while it’s a good way to make money from your blog, is never a get quick rich program.

Personally, am not an Adsense fans and as you can see I don’t use it on my blog here at least for now – as at the time of writing this particular post – maybe in the nearest future I will.

Here are some of the factors that could be responsible for your lack of making decent money from Google Adsense program.

#1. Lack of Massive Targeted Traffic.

If your site generates anything less than 500 unique visitors per day, making money from Google adsense ads might be lots difficult. It’s interesting to know that only a tiny fraction of the visitors to your site will click on your ads, sometimes 1 -3% of your total unique visitors will notice the ads on your blog.

So, in other to make decent income from Adsense, you will need to work extra hard on the quality of traffic you drive to your blog.

As it may also interest you to know that no any online business that will survive without massive quality targeted traffic.

#2. Your Blog Topic.

First, lets agree on one major realistic, not every blog topic or internet business model can do well in Adsense program. So, with that out and clear your blog topic would go along way in determine how much you make from the ads program.

For instance, those in finance niche will definitely do well in the Adsense program than those in entertainment niches. Advertisers in this type of market pay more for their ads to be displayed more often than others. So, you could see making money from Adsense program is a number game.

So, the niche you’re into plays a more significant role in how much you can make with Adsense.

#3. Irrelevant Ads.

Sometimes this problem can be corrected from your end while most times you just can’t do anything to it.

This is so because Google takes 100% control of what displayed on your blog and not you who choose what to displayed on your site. One of the downside of Google Adsense program. You can help by creating more content on your blog on lots of major topics around your niche just to make sure you cover the distance.

Some niches have more ads Google displayed and this will have an effect on the click-through rate. Also important to know that if the ads are not well relevant to your blog topics, it will have a negative effect on your click-through rate.

In conclusion, this post is not aim at looking into how blog make money from Google Adsense deeply, but if you’re down to earth with making money from Adsense program, download our Guide that walk you through the step by step guide from getting approval to making more decent money from Google Adsense Program.

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