Hiring Bloggers To Handle My Blog

Recently I found myself juggling between two jobs which certainly takes most of my time everyday. Blogging on the side is becoming more inconvenient and posting frequency has suffered a bits .

Check  my post stats, you will see the hand writing on the wall.

Hiring bloggers sound a good option for me, but on the second thought. I think is best I highlight some of the qualities I had expect someone I would like to hire have in his portfolio.

Putting this in writing here on my blog, I thought it will both help if you’re interested in writing for this blog and those willing to do so somewhere else.

On the flip side, is not mandatory a hiring blogger must have all the qualities highlight in this post, but better if at least a good percentage of its were found in him.

Write For Us Guide Line.

#1. Experience In The Industry.

Sometime ago I wrote a blog post on what to look for when hiring an SEO expert and this was on that list too. Is essential for a hiring blogger to have a better understanding of how the industry works.

A blogger must show he understand how blogging tips and tutorials post as to be writing so the audience could absorb and digest the message easily and get better understanding of what the message is all about.

This is certainly a most if you’re planning to be hired or write for us.

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#2. Pillar, Useful, Valuable  Content.

Sorry, if you’re just writing everyday blog tips and expect to be paid for your time and effort, it may not work out.

I expect you to write a more detailed well structured tutorials article that teaches how to do or achieve some thing that will be of benefits to the readers. Not just an everyday run-off-the-mill blog post.

Write something unique and well sort after by targeted audience, this way you’re sure of getting your articles accepted.

#3. Proven Track Record.

A proven past works and experiences will go along away helping both the employee and his employer.

One good characteristics of a good hiring blogger is a proven record of his engagement with his blog audience. How he interact with them, response to comments and blog managements.

How well a blogger have social influence will go along way helping in getting hire. His twitter followers, Facebook likes e.t.c.

I will be so much pleased if a blogger promotes his work on social media, it doesn’t matter if its get fewer shares or not. But that he do share his work on social platform shows he is there sharing his ideas.

#4. Deliver On Your Promise.

Better if you can deliver much early than you had promise you will.

But also don’t get rush in completing the job, as it may have negative effect on the quality of your work. Take your time to read through and proof read your content before submitting.

#5. Blogging Language And Terminology.

Every industry has its own language and jargon’s, better if a blogger understand how this blogging thing work and use the language the audience are familiar with.

This is one of the reason is good to hire an expert who is an insider of the industry. Remember, you’re writing for the audience and not you.

Speak to them, engage with them in your writing. Make them feel part of the community.

I will like to stop here for now and will continue in days coming.

You are free to add to this list in the comments form below. What do you think if you’re in my shoe, how will you approach this situation am in now?

Your response and opinions are welcome.

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