My Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives To Monetize Your Blog

Everyday on the internet, Google Adsense publisher’s account get banned or disabled. Reason?, Honestly, I can’t tell you what exactly could be the cause – but, is either your web page has something wrong with it, i.e your content, or you’ve gone against Google terms of service.

And also, there are thousands of webmasters whom did not get approve into the Google Adsense program. Reasons, see Google Guideline for Adsense approval. If  you fall into any of these categories, here is a list of Google Adsense alternatives you can try out.

They all work like Adsense program too. Though, some might not give high return on click-through-rate like Adsense. But, if you’ve tried and fail with Adsense, they are your sure bet to Google Adsense alternatives.

1. Infolinks




Infolinks is a pay-per-click contextual ads program and a perfect Google Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog. Infolinks automatically index your web pages and allow you to fully monetize your content in variables ways.

You can display infolinks ads alongside your blog content based on your keywords, ads can also be displayed through what infolinks called insearch ads, this means ads will only be displayed to traffic coming to your blog through search engine.

If you’re on WordPress blogging platform, displaying infolinks ads on your blog is as simple as installing a plugin and activate.

2. Chitika.

No doubt one of the best Google Adsense alternatives you can use to monetize your blog and get the most from your traffic.

Though, chitika ads are search query targeted, which means ads will only be shown to visitors that enter a search term that leads to your blog. There is good and down side to this.

Relevant ads will be shown to visitors that enter a search term leading to your blog, and this increase the chances of the ads being click, but visitors that stumble upon your blog through links will and may not be targeted with ads.

Chitika will be perfect for blogs with better search engine traffic.

3. Kontera.




Like infolinks, Kontera is also a text-based ads network that allow publishers to displayed ads within their content based on your keywords by underlining the text.

This is ideal for small-scale blog owner who are just starting out on the net. Since this is a pay-per-click ads program, it depend on your click-through-rate to decide what you earn.

Kontera can be placed along side with Adsense, you get paid via check or PayPal with a minimum pay out of $50.

4. Amazon Associates.

This is not a pay-per-click program, amazon associates is more of affiliate program than PPC ads network.

Amazon is the biggest online store in the world and they offer you the chance to make money with them through commission paid when you direct a buyer to their website and an item is sold.

If your blog topics is on product review or discussing the latest product, amazon associates program could be well be the perfect option for you.

Amazon has lots of tools for you to promotes their product on your blog from widget to text link to banners and images. You can choose to displayed ads on your blog through their widget which allow you to displayed different ads each time the page is refresh.

Amazon is very good for affiliate marketers and bloggers who blog about products and electronics gadget. The down side is that you will be sent a check which sometime takes weeks to arrive.

5. Sell Your Product.

When it comes to Google adsense alternatives, this is your sure bet and the best way to follow. I must know, this how I make money online. Yes, I sell my product.

I don’t care if Google disable all ads on other blogs I own (updated 2014- This blog is the only one I currently own and managed), or infolinks shut down is ads from the blogs. I have found how to sell my own stuffs to the traffic I generates myself.

Selling your own product will by-far make you rich and fully independent of any foreign threat to your business. Though, the requirement to create your own product may not be as easy as using any of the above means to monetize your blog.

There are ways you can create any information product you want without lifting a finger if you know how and even get some free. Though, this article is not about that, we are here to discuss Google Adsense alternatives, so let focus on that.

In my opinion, selling your own product should be your number one target to monetize your blog for big profit.

My advice to you is this, don’t work on Adsense earnings, work on your traffic. Google can slam the hammer on your blog at any time, but your traffic can’t leave you just like that, if you take care of it properly.

I know there are other methods out there not mention here, but you can help us by suggesting more through the comment box below.

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