3 Ways to Drive Free Targeted Website Traffic Without Advertising Budget

This is an extension of my last blog post update on how to make money with blog being a professional blogger. You can read that post first, before going along with this one.

Most of us bloggers started without any connections with the big players in the industry, those who are blessed with the golden opportunity to have already known these so-called successful bloggers in one way or the other are better off with their blog from day one.

Bloggers with an already celebrity status get access to both big communication channels and big power of advertising budget, this in itself is a massive free targeted website traffic coming his or her way.

Nevertheless, you can also have your share of the traffic without having to spend heavily on advertising budget or known top bloggers in the industry.

But like I said in my previous article, you may have to work at these strategies or tactics everyday in other to see the result, and they could also be a hit-and-miss game. So, you better get off to work immediately after reading through.

Your Audience Is Your Marketing.

Maybe you have not taught about or you probably don’t know it can be done. Let say you have 50 loyal readers who actively visit your blog everyday, a key-note to take here is, most people who frequent a particular blog are bloggers like you and these people also have their own blog.

Remember in our last blog update, we talked about the two most important factors to any blog “content and marketing”. So, I assume that you’ve already have good amount of pillar content.

Now, the game is, if one out of your 50 daily readers have a blog with good amount of traffic and readers and he found one of your blog post worthy enough to talked about on his blog and eventually link to it from his own article, there you go. You’ve just make a hit.

Again lets assume from that link you get 200% increase in traffic and regular readers, and another of those readers is not disappointed with the quality of your content, he talked about it in an online forum and social places he hang-out, what do you think will happen?

Of course you’re growing bigger day by day and your online popularity is increasing. This is how the bigger blogs you see out there grow, they leverage on other blog audience to grow their own traffic and attract new readers.

This could get more interesting…assuming you have good numbers of social bookmarking sites for your pillar content on sites like digg, pinterest and de.li.ci.ous. With about 5,000 loyal readers is easy enough to get hundred share and likes of a single post.

If you’re reading this post and you’re blogger, link to it from within your own article and let share and show our audience new life. Is a win win situation for both party. This way we can both experiment and see if my theory is useful.

Build A list Of Subscriber.

If there is only one thing every online content marketers should work so hard to get right and achieved, is list building.

A list can be used to achieve numerous goals in marketing :

  • Drive traffic to your blog and offer.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your affiliate promotions.
  • Announcement of product lunch and sales.
  • Drive traffic to a new blog.
  • Increase sales and maximize profit.

The benefits are just endless. The beauty of building list is that you can build it without using your blog as the landing page. You can even do it without an existing blog. All you have to do is create a  squeeze page and add your opt in form where prospect will be ask to give you their name and e-mail address.

When you have successfully build large numbers of subscribers list, each time you update your blog post, send the list a snippet of your articles and if your post is appealing to them, you may get likes and shares on social bookmarking sites.

There are several ways to build your list of subscribers, either you go with services like feedburner and the traditional auto-responders services, such as awerber, getresponse, prompt-support. Feedburner automate the delivery of your post to all blog post update subscribers.

Place your feedburner subscription form at the very top of your sidebar, so visitors can easily notice it.

It is strongly advice to attract your prospect with a freebie to freely give you her e-mail and name and put in places a strong visible piracy 100% guarantee. Something like “I hate spam more than you do, your information will never be sold or rented”.

Use Blog Carnival.

A blog carnival is a post on a blog that summarize collections of content in a given blog topic. Many bloggers usually link back to post they find interesting on carnival sites, bringing back targeted traffic to the author of the post.

An example of blog carnival site is http://blogcarnival.com be sure to check it out and submit your best article on their sites hopefully some big blog will get notice of it and link back to your blog.

One thing is to make sure you submit your content to the appropriate carnival to really give your post the chance of being picked up.

I won’t include blog commenting and forum here as they have already been discuss in the previous article.

That’s it.

3 Ways to Drive Free Targeted Website Traffic Without Advertising Budget by
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  1. says

    Where’s giveaway?
    I think that should be in this list. You just need to find someone to sponsor some prizes. From my own experience, it’s one of the best way to drive more traffics to your site. With some creativity, put some bait for contestants to encourage them to follow your twitter acccount, like your fb page or even subscribe to your mailing list.
    Rudd recently posted…How to Create Conditional Menu Based on User RolesMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Rudd,
      You’re absolutely right about using giveaway to drive traffic, I will update the list soon and will include giveaway. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you some other time.


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