Do You Make Money From Your Blog?

The advice being giving to us by the authority bloggers when we’re new to blogging was to blog based on our passion for it, not for money. This advice never change even till the present time, I believe the next newbie blogger would be told the same.

Then you start blogging, you come to realize the hidden truth that there is more to blogging than you once taught easy to make money from your blog. Actually, I must be honest here, I came into blogging with an opposite view to what the “Guru’s” always say -Don’t blog for money, but passion – I was into blogging for the money not for the passion. That’s a bitter truth; but I have to be honest with you.

Am not here ready to have those sleepless night, hard time finding this and that on the internet, researching to write articles, navigating through the length and breath of the net finding high PR blogs to leave comment on, editing and formatting post, hmmm! the list are just too endless.

Right now is around 2:32 am in Nigeria, Africa, my wife and kids are sleeping, taking a rest from the day work. Here I am, still fighting it out with the key pads on my PC, writing blog post and socializing with other fellow bloggers on LinkedIn to create exposure and build relationship.

I have to save it as draft and by tomorrow go through it before hitting the publish button.

I usually come across many bloggers in forums and online communities of bloggers complaining of lack of income from their blogging. Well, if you ask me, the truth is no one wants to blog without getting paid for his time, energy and resource put into his blog. If is all about passion, why all these noise about not making money from your blog?

Blogging for money is a serious job not meant for the lazy type, and I believe is high time people come to agree that if you must blog and build a famous blog, then you must be ready to blog for money.

I really don’t think passion alone will create a successful blog, we need some magical inspiration, motivation, something that will keep the fire burning within our soul and spirit. Something very vital to the survival of human existence. Something that keeps you want to get more of it, something that makes you live the life of your dream – MONEY

That’s exactly what am talking about, how would you keep on blogging knowing fully well that you not going to make any money from it? Except that you blog to promotes other business around that gives the kind of income you want.

The reality of blogging is that is hard, at least not an easy task for every dick and harry. The truth most be told about what is blogging and what it really takes to build a successful blog.

After reading the book ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income
By Darren Rowse, I ask myself :

  • Why the “Guru’s” lie about making money from blogging?
  • How long will it takes to keep blogging before I make money from it?
  • After all, will it pay for the sacrifice?
  • Are all these task not much to bear?
  • Will I ever be able to live full-time on blogging?

These are just few among numerous question driving my head crazy here and there for quite long days after reading the book. But, like there was fire burning in my soul , Darren story got me put on my thinking hat, the inspiration I needed to gear myself up walk in, my orientation change and I was like bad! if this could happen and Darren keeps blogging to where he is today, I will give it a shot.

I would say it is not passion that got me blogging till date, but the motivation I got from reading others blogger success story and the inspiration to always move on in life and the desire to always succeed in every task I found myself. Blogging is not exempted from this.

At least if you’re basically the type that still believe that blogging mainly for the passion is okay, you still need to pay for hosting and some other expenses like hiring a good web designer, SEO strategist and some other stuffs that might come along with building successful blog.

Don’t get me all wrong, I know that without the passion for blogging you might definitely not go beyond six months of blogging, cause when its glaring that you just can’t make any significant income from your new hubby yet, something has to keep you motivated and inspired. And probably, that thing is the passion, but where do you get that passion and motivation from?

I got mine from reading books related to what I want to achieve, from people who have walked the walk and talk the talk. People I looked up to, people who are where am wishing to be.

I guess if Bill Gates is not getting something in return to the input he give into building Microsoft, the company would have went down in to the story lane of once upon a time.

Behind every adventure, every business activities, there is a goal driving force that keeps one pushing forward even if it seems nothing is happening. We all have different factors that gives us that power to move on.

Some find their own force in the woman they love – somehow, I found myself in that group of people. Some is in the money, while some is in the fame and glamor that comes with success.

Nevertheless, which ever is your driving force, stick to what works for you and believe in yourself. I have found mine and will make the best of it to the fullest.

This blogging will make me the next…………..hope you know it?

I wish to hear your voice on this, speak to me through the comment form below. Do your blog make you the kind of money you want?

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