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Sometime late last year I wrote a blog post on this particular topic, Blogging In Nigeria – How to become a professional blogger living in Nigeria. That post short-lived as I accidentally deleted my entire blog few months later. You can read all about how I accidentally deleted my blog here.

Is a very sad moments for me as I had more than 70 blog post when this sad event occur.

Now, I see so many young Nigerians starting a blog and battling tooth and nails to make their voice heard among the millions of blogs on the internet. Is not easy my fellow Nigerians.

We have to work three times harder than most of our counterpart living in the developed countries of the world like the Europeans , Americans and the rest when taken into consideration the ready-made available resources at their fingertips compare to what is available to us here and the environment we lived in.

bloging in nigeria

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After being on the internet since 2009 trying my hands on different internet business model and now this blogging thing. I decided to share my personal experience with you and the rest of the world as a blogger living in Nigeria.

A country where many basic infrastructure facilities are not there for ordinary citizens to enjoy.

To survive in this country you have to invent things on your own and come up with ideas, tools and capital, all on your own. The governments careless about their primary responsibility.

Well, you’re not here to read about the government of Nigeria, I believe you’re here to discover how you can become a successful blogger living full-time on it.

So, let get down……..

*Updated* Due to an increase in emails I received, chats on social networking sites, complains in forums and online communities from young aspiring Nigerians bloggers who wanted to start a successful blogging career but just don’t know how to get started with it or their existing blog is nowhere to be found on the internet.beginnersguideNig

I have carefully spare time, energy and resources to prepared you a complete step by step guide tutorials that walks you through the nitty-gritty of building a successful blog business in Nigeria. Go here to check it out or click on the image to access it.

This guide contain everything I know about building a successful profitable blog business on the internet.


How to become a successful blogger in Nigeria.

You already decided to become a blogger, the reason ?

you know better.

Now that you’ve decided to become a blogger and the passion is there to make your blog a successful.

Blogging in Nigeria is quite different from other parts of the world, the steps below will put you on the right track to make a successful blogging career in Nigeria.

Get the tools needed for the journey.

Blogging is a journey, believe me.

Step One – The tools.

#1. Personal laptop.

“Personal” I mean your very own computer. While is good to start with whatever you have and available at your disposal, is best to have your own personal system that you can turn on at any minutes of the day you feel like log on to the internet.

There are many benefits to having your own system and not depending on cyber cafe to carry out your blogging activities. There are lots of software you’ll need to install to give more functionality and progress for your blog that you may not be able to do so on public PC.

Writing content for your blog need a very conducive environments which most cyber cafe may not offer. At most I write at night when is calm and most family members are sleeping.

You need your personal laptop to keep consistence in professional blogging.

No question asked, Get your laptop.

#2. Get a smart phone.

You shouldn’t be surprise with this. With the like of an android mobile devices, BB devices such as bold4 and the like, i pad, is obvious blogging on mobile is now easier than ever and is now a necessity and not a luxury carrying a smart phone.

And that’s not why I include it on this list, in a country like Nigeria where power supply is at epileptic stage, you need a mobile device that can help supplement your blogging task on PC.

Any good PC battery would run out after 5 to 6 hours, now the problem is when you couldn’t even have power supply for a whole week, how would you charge your PC?

But at least with your phone in your pocket you can easily charge it anywhere and write your blog post, save it as draft to later format and publish while you’re on PC. It will drastically reduce the average time you spend in front of your PC and even save cost.

Mobile devices load pages on smaller bytes compared to PC that could consume 100mb with just 20 to 30 pages depending on the sites visited.

The cost of internet connectivity in Nigeria is not easily affordable for an average man living here. 90% of the content in this post were written on my mobile device, which help saves cost and time spent in front of my PC.

Mobile device will help cut down on this.

#3. Find and get affordable internet plan.

As a starter who have not make money online, burning your hard-earned money on internet subscription would have a negative impact on your blogging career.

Trust me, I’ve been here and know how this blogging thing works. Is a journey , a process, development and not a one-time action.

You need to equip yourself for the task ahead. I would suggest you meet those guys who knows every back door to all telecommunication companies firewall in Nigeria. Don’t get this twisted, am not advocating hacking someone’s else business, but what can we do?

I can help you with putting your foot on the right path of professional blogging career and start a real business with blogs. If you need my services in setting up a professional WordPress blog for you or handle your existing blog task – give me call: 08137252269. 

Step Two – Learning the curve.

#1 Attend seminars.

This is how I got started after hearing about blogging in one of success digest publications way-back in early 2011 before finally start my blog in 2012.

There is more to gain and learn from seminars than its primary reason you attend.

From there you meet people like-minded who share common goal with you and from there you could build good lasting relationship. I have one that has not only make me good money from just one project the man I met gave me but also turn to knowing other good people too that share same goals with me.

Mr Timoty Iwe is a man I met at one seminar organized by Dr sunny Obazu at his SADC headquarter. We’re now good friends sharing our experiences together and he even gave me a web design job that fetch 50,000 Naira.

cool if you ask me just from know him at a seminar.

#2. Read relevant materials .

There is no shortcut to success, blogging is no exception. Buy and read books that help speed your progress towards achieving your ultimate goals.

Ultimate goals in this term does not mean building successful blog in general. It mean breaking down your major goal into smaller goals and task.

Successful blogging consist of many aspect of great task to conquer. If writing pillar content is your weakness for now, go out and find material that deal with writing great content for blog post.

If quality traffic is what you lack, don’t just pick up material that teaches how to create successful blog, It won’t work out.

Find resource materials that devote great amount of its teachings to how to drive targeted quality traffic to your blog or products offer. This way you’ll stay focus and on course.

Hope you get it?

#3. Join online communities of people like-minded.

There is nothing like learning from others, their mistakes, success stories, comments and so on. Join relevant groups and share thought experiences with each others.

Personally, I have gain lots of experiences from a group of bloggers called bloggers lab on Facebook. kudos to you guys, you’re great.

There are lots of benefits to gain in these places and many of them are on the internet. Find the one relevant to your niche and be active there.

#4.Learn everyday.

Yes, I mean every single day.

Make for at least you discover one new tips or tricks each day of your blogging career. We are new to this blogging, and just learning it as we improve along the road.

Is importation you task yourself to learning everyday. Cultivate the habits of reading and learning regularly. You’re what you read.

Hope my little contribution will go along way help drive your blogging career to the right track.

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    this post is quite informative.. I also have a series on blogging on my channel. you might like to as well understand that blogging is a career and you have got to take it as one. am also a nigerian with that passion while am.still making my.moves I believe the wind favor a boat with a specific direction at heart.
    check this out you might love it… ibloggos[dot]com/postController.php?title=Blogging-a-career-but-too-commonized

    • says

      Hi Ayodeji,

      From the look of things…this must be your first time visiting my blog, so I welcome you here. But just like any other business organization, I ave my commenting policy here. Please, no links in your comment either to your personal blog or else where, except is of great importance and for educational purpose only.

      Thanks and do have nice day.


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