6 Steps To Get More Readers To Read Your Blog Post

You’ve write that great content, spend tones of hours perfecting your content to establish the connections and exposure you want and getting more readers to read your blog post.

Making sure nothing went wrong till you hit that publish button, you share it on your social networking sites and every online places you have access to, now what happen?

Nothing, no one follow your link back to the post itself, no sharing, no tweet, no Facebook like. Do you have to write another?.

But wait, sometime is not that your content is not good enough to drive home that traffic, or give you that online exposure you deserve. Sometimes the problem is within and around us. Yes, not far away from you.

Take a look at your previous article, access the content structure and styling, is it good enough for your eyes to read through all the way down to the bottom? I mean, the problem with most non-converting content I have seen, is the structure and styling of the text.

The Web Writer

Writing for the web is different from writing for the magazine or dailies. When writing for the web, you need to abandon some of what you’re taught at school about good writing skill.

When you write for the magazines or newspapers, the chances are, the reader will get hold of the content within his custody everywhere he go. He can sit back at home and have it read at his leisure time. The internet is a different environment, internet users are impatient, they are in hurry to have what they want.

The same information you’re presenting is readily available to him tones of places on the internet, make it snappy.

Don’t waste your reader’s time with long intro, make your point known at the start of your content. Go straight to your point, if you are writing about complex topic, consider list type of post and break it down into series of post or pages. This way your readers can come back later to read it.

With that clear and understood, below are 6 sure-fire ways to get more readers to read your blog post.

1. Short Paragraph.

This has been my practice here at cybernaira and not just here, but with most top bloggers I have come across on the net writing great content that drive massive conversation.

Always keep your paragraph short, at most 4 lines per paragraph. This will not only bring beauty to your content but also aid the eyes in reading further. Make it one idea per paragraph.

2. Use Images With Caption.

Images bring a whole new dimension to blog post.

Putting images for every blog post is a good way to attract readers to that post, study has shown that social status with images are shared 10 times more than text on Facebook among friends.

For bloggers on WordPress, there are plugins that will solve and reduces the pain of searching for the right images for every blog post. Here at cybernaira, I use Flickr-Pick a Picture. This plugin allows you to search for creative common picture within the Flickr database and automatically insert the attribution link.

3. Write Post List.

Users like it most when you break your point into list and make it one point per paragraph. List type post make it easier for readers to scan through post easily.

4. Be Strategic.

Lay more emphasize on important words or point by bolding it, its makes you look like a pro and knowing what you’re talking about. Perhaps, your reader will identify important part of the content easier and like it that way.

Don’t over do this, it makes you look kindergarten.

5. Use Subheading.

Subheadings act like “mini” headline for your content and it helps in getting the reader moving along with your point and the content.

Make the subheading another headline for the point or paragraph that follow it. At a glance, the reader must be able to understand the content below the subheadings. This helps a reader that is in hurry to quickly get to the most interesting part of the content.

6. Review Your content.

When you’re done with all the above steps, its time to check your article and see if your strategies are good enough to get more readers to read your blog post. Don’t go about hitting the publish button once you’ve finished writing.

Take a moment or a day to check your content and its styling. Check for spellings and any grammatical error, proofread your content and SEO score, if you’re satisfied, hit the button.

Now , start sharing.

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