5 Ways to Win The Trust of Your Customers

Presently am working on a blog project that allow users the benefits of downloading for “FREE” PLR and MRR products. I decided to take some lesson learned when I was starting out with this blog in to play.

When I started with this very blog you’re reading, I made certain mistakes I wouldn’t have made if I had known what I knew today. Back then, there was no functioning email subscription box right from day one. It was added to the site later, don’t laugh at me; I was just a juvenile then.

So, this I had plan to correct with my new project before launching it and some other lessons learned so far in blogging.

Things that could make you win the trust of your customer from the word go if follow and apply correctly to your new projects.

I Need an auto responder that suit my need and budget.

Really don’t have cash to go for the big boys in that field like aweber, mail chimps and get response. I decided to settle for a local auto-responder service company for a while, while on their site with my credit card on the table to make the payment: something made me close the tab immediately and head for the next competitor.

Something really piss me off about their marketing and content strategy, something I would like to share with you today, so you don’t commit same mistakes thinking you’re going to win the heart of your prospect that way.

Some of the reasons below are what actually turn me off instantly while some will cost losing your existing customers even if you already have them as loyal subscriber. Only time will tell.

win your customer trust

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5 Ways To Win The Trust Of Your Customers

#1. Exaggerating the benefits.

I don’t like it when a sales page tells me am going to be making thousands of dollar working for just an hour daily with just few clicks of the mouse. Is obvious that’s pretty scam. Don’t over hype the benefits.

Human being are quick in spotting this type of sales speech as scam. While some customer may be little naive about this, still keep it simple and reasonable. Cause if they went on buying, they will end up disappointed and never trust you or your product in the future.

#2. Deliver on your promise.

This where the above point comes to play, promise what you’re sure of and not dream pipe.

If you promise to deliver the product in PDF format don’t go ahead telling your customer to pick up the CD delivery at post office or wherever after they’ve made payment.

That’s a good way to kiss your customer goodbye.

#3. Write Your Sales Page For Human.

This is no brainer unless you’re just learning content optimization guide. Stop stuffing your sales page with the keywords you’re targeting. You’re selling to human not robot, so why writing with the spiders in mind.

I tried to read the sales page but it just don’t mean something good, cause everything read awkward and backward. Is obvious they are not caring about feelings of their customers but to rank high in search result.

What happen after you rank high in SERP and the customer is not happy with your services?

You won’t make the sale and worse still you lose that visitor for good and don’t expect another chance. It only take one seconds to make the first impression.

#4. Build Good And Reputable Image Online.

This is more important than the rest in the list, I think it should have come first. But nevertheless here you have it.

No matter the situation or circumstances, try all you can to protect your dignity and image online. Build a name for yourself, a name you can be proud of and people will be happy to recommend it to others.

Whatever comes online is there for long even after you, every pages are archives in many search engines and is there for everyone to see. Some customer may want to deal with you but before that, wish to run a search to see who you are.

Those forum conversation, those social media gossip and the likes are there to tell all about you. So be careful what name you give yourself and the things you get involved.

#5. Attend to Your Customer.

It is a bad idea to have 24 hours customer care icon on your site while no one is ever there to answer the call or engage in chat. I have come across many e-commerce site with large bogus female image telling the prospect live 24hours customer care support.

If you’re not chanced to respond to customer’s complain everyday, then don’t tell them you will on your site. Is better you state clearly when they should expect any response from you.

I prefer telling my customers to give at least 48 hours for any response to their email from me. I know it won’t take up to that for me to response to their mail, but I prefer giving that time so as not to put myself under any unnecessary pressure.

In conclusion, I hope you’ve learned something here today. If you’re planning on selling to your customers, use the above strategy, tactics and some other useful ones you know of. Combine together and see how it worked out for you.

Thanks for reading through, voice your opinion in the comment box below. Share your experience with the rest of the world.

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