5 Reasons Why Your Blog Post Will Never Get Read And Shared

You write that great content, spend tones of hours perfecting yet, just another blog post, you hit the published button and sit back for the traffic to start pulling in. But what happen, no one even notice you’re there.

While creating good quality content seems not be an easy thing to achieve, getting people to read, share it and linking or making reference to it seems to be the hardest part of the game.

If you can’t get people to notice and value your content, then you’re a lonely blogger or better still living inside a rock.

The steps to better online content marketing and getting the massive crowd attention start with you. You begin the process and end it, then from there, let the satisfied visitors evangelize your work.

Nothing in marketing work best than word of mouth advertising or individual’s recommendations.

So, you’re not alone in the quest to find out why your blog post will never get read and share by your targeted audience.

Follow the guideline below and have a tremendous turn around in your content marketing business.

1. Place The Share Button On Your Blog.

This happen to come first on my list, not by accident, but with reason.

The best way to get people to do something is by telling them to do it. You have to make sure that the share button are well placed on your blog, I recommend you place it at the end of every blog post you write.

This way, you’re telling them to please share your content after they have finished reading it. Sound simple, but most blogger turn nonchalant attitude towards this simple but well effective method.

If you want your blog post to get read and shared, then put a shared button on your blog for your readers to help share your post.

After you finished reading this content, please do the same for me, the shared button are just right after this post, your favorite social media site must be there.

2. Keywords.

Using the wrong keyword for your article, will make your great blog content swim too deep into the ocean and not getting noticed by the crowd.

You may published a great content that is well worthy of linking to and loved by bloggers, but if the content is not getting to the first page of SERP, it will not get noticed and consequently die a premature death on your blog.

Consider using the Google keywordtools and aim for a long tail keywords for your articles and not just a single phrase or keyword that is more generic and not specifically targeted.

Example: Keyword : Article Writing. A keyword like this will not get you targeted audience, who are you targeting with such a keyword?

Example : keyword : Best Article Writing Software For Online Writer. This is an example of long tail keyword that is more targeted and less competitive.

You should build your primary keyword around your targeted audience so that your content will get the chance to be read by those who are in need of it.

This way, the chances of being shared your article will be higher.

3. Pinging Your Blog Post.

If you’re on WordPress, this is automatically done for you.

But if not, pinging your blog post to ping services such as pingomatic is one of the best way to push your content out quickly. Do not wait for search engine spiders to come crawl your site, take the fight straight to them by using the services of  these pinging sites.

Pingler is another great pinging services i found good too. They have a plugin that will do the work for you automatically and the best part is, is available for anyone to use both registered and non-registered  users.

Take advantage of this.

4. Blog Commenting.

Many bloggers do this only for link building purpose only, this is a bad way to think. Why not aim at building relationship instead of spamming the blog with your links and irrelevant comments.

Your blog post will only get shared and link to by your co bloggers, most internet users are ever in a hurry and don’t have the time to leave a comment or think of sharing a post. They take what they want from your blog and leave.

Bloggers link to each other, whom they have found trust worthy and have in time build a good cordial relationship with. Perhaps, you don’t want to associate with someone you know nothing about.

So, blog commenting is a good way to start building that relationship and hoping that you will get noticed and have one of your post link to and even shared by your co bloggers.

Don’t just leave comment such as “hi, nice post, great articles, well done e.t.c. Leave good valuable comment, show that you have really read the post and understand the writer point of view.

You can go against his view, you don’t have to accept it, if you have good reason to dispute his fact, speak your mind. A good and professional blogger will respect you for that.

5. Auto Publish Your Content.

The marketing strategy has changed a lot, since the evolution of the social networking site such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and others. Content marketers no longer wait for their targeted audience to come and visit them, they take the content to their targeted audience where they have gathered.

Many tools are readily available for you to achieve that in a few seconds, I used twitter feed and is ok for me. Twitter feed will automatically published your current post to your selected social networking site.

This way, your post or articles have more chances to be viewed by a very large audience than you can hardly reach on your own and gives more room for sharing and liking.

Actually, there are many other method still available out there to get your blog post read and shared, but I have to concentrate on these five for now. In my later post, I will be updating you with many other means of doing it better.

Leave your thought below and let the world hear you speak.

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