14 Reasons You Should Start A Blog And Become A Blogger

By: ShashiBellamkonda

Each minutes on the internet, a new blog is born, the popularity and its usefulness continue to grow and becoming more acceptable worldwide. Don’t be left out, though, you may not have a good reason  should start a blog and become a blogger- either full-time or part-time.

Here are some important reasons why you should consider starting a blog today and become a blogger. You can choose to blog part-time or full-time, there are many bloggers blogging part-time and still blogging professionally.

But before that, you may not be aware that you’re already a blogger, each time you update your social status on your favorites social networking sites, (micro blogs), you’re blogging (micro blogging).

So,with that out-of-the-way, lets move on.

14 Reasons you should start a blog and become a blogger.

1. Expressing of thoughts and opinion.

This is the primary function of blogs, they allow you to quickly express your thought and opinion to the world at large from any where you are in the world.

2. Online Diary.

In the beginning, the blogs are meant for keeping or storing of personal day-to-day activities, pictures, files e.t.c. Call them your online diary, to-do-list, hand notes, box or whatever.

3. To Share Your Skill or Ability.

Do you have special knowledge in something or skills, or you’re an expert in your field ? Blogs offer you a great avenue to reach more people you can hardly reach in your local environment.

4. For Marketing Purpose.

You have that great products to sale or services to render, blog is a great tools to achieve your aims and realize your dream.

5. For Connections.

The blogosphere is a community of is own, being a blogger will connect you with people of like-minded from different culture, religions, countries, believes, faiths and so on.

6. To Become Better In Your Field


Blogging will challenge you to always getting better in your area of teachings or work. You will be challenge to better your previous best. Your desire to learn more, know more and just becoming better and better will rise within.

7. To have Fun.

Most successful blogs started out as fun for the bloggers behind it, if you’re passionate about something, film, sport, music, fashion, politics, culture, traditions, religion e.t.c you can start a blog just for the fun to make fun of it.

It may be something serious in the future.

8. Self Education.

Blog will push you to always learning new things everyday, you become addicted to searching and discoveries of new ways, new technology, authors, experts, educational materials, the lists are just endless.

Nothing like self-education.

9. A better reader.

If you like to read, blog is a very useful tools for you to start with. You will always want read, and the good thing is, there are millions of your favorites topics out there for you to start reading.

10. A Better Writer.

This is one good aspect I like about being a blogger, a blogger is a writer, and needs to be a better writer each time he writes.

11. Great Thinker.

Blog will challenge you to start learning the act of great thinking, blogging is not for the lazy type. You become master of creativity, which is good for human development and existence.

12. Making Money.

Gone are the days where blogs are meant for documentation and keeping dailies event. Now, blogs can make money for you enough to retire your day job and take care of your family  responsibilities.

There are many blogger on the internet living the millionaire life style earning six figure income annually.

13. Freedom Of Time


Blog will give you freedom over your time, you dictate where you want to be at what time you want to be there. You have no dead line to meet, no boss to answer yes to, you’re the boss of yourself.

You decide where you are, how you work, what time you work, how many hours you work a day, who you work with, how you get paid, time with family and friends, vacations, in fact just name it.

Blogs will give you freedom.

14. Fame.

You become popular and known all over the world, if you’re lucky enough to be successful in your blogging career like the linda Ikeji and Jide Ogunsanya, popularity is one sure thing that comes along with successful blogging career

15. Change Person.

Becoming a blogger will definitely changed the way you do things in the past, the way you talk, your experiences, your writing skills, your reading ability, your time, your behavior on your social networking sites, people you connect and share things with, every thing about you will change.

You’ll become a better person at what you do and people will love you for it.

Go start a blog today, and stop reading further.

If you’re not still convinced enough that you need to start a blog today, here are some more reasons for you to consider.

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